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    Inescapable network of mutuality

    Social networks inescapably impact our lives. Even those Luddites yet to sign in to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, are impacted. With events from the Arab Spring still unfolding, the global “we” are realizing what great leaders have always known. As we enter the Connected Age, of people connected …

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    Innovation is elusive. We see only what we can see. The adage “I’ll believe it when I see it” illuminates our deep skepticism for the unknown and unseen. But as Marcel Proust wrote: Truly innovation is “in having new eyes.”  But have you ever shared a new concept or idea with your boss …

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    Creative design with vuja de

    At Tom Kelley’s  recent talk, he gave us a preview of his upcoming book “Creative Design” – which should be done this fall. But as Tom said with tongue-in-cheek “Amazon promised it this fall, so I need to hurry up and finish.”  He went on …

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    Double delivery

    When IDEO co-founder Tom Kelley answered audience questions at his recent talk, several audience members asked “How do you get the boss, and corporate types, to listen to your innovative idea?” Tom, essentially said “I often field this question. It’s of great interest to younger …

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    Must innovation be socially acceptable?

    IDEO co-founder Tom Kelley recently (see prior post – Creativity drives economic growth) elaborated on this concept. Sharing decades worth innovation research. Design thinking covers three overlapping concepts: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. But more importantly for innovation to happen three things exist: With IDEO focused on new product innovation, …

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    Invention or Innovation?

    If you sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo is that innovation?    Webster defines innvoation as —  1: the introduction of something new or 2: a new idea, method, or device . So you might think selling a refrigerator to an eskimo is novel, but hardly something …

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    Comedic Computer Scientists?

    Perhaps its an oxymoron, to think a computer scientist can be funny. Well it seems, in the database world they do have a sense of humor. Let me explain. Since its beginnings in the  70s, structured query language (SQL – pronounce Sequel) has become the predominant way …

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    Harpooning Big Data

    Slaying the white whale on a stormy sea of big data, for most companies is like the fictional story of Captain Ahab’s Moby Dick. The term Big Data has suddenly become en vogue. And like its sister term “The Cloud” – these all encompasing terms are a …

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    Creativity drives economic growth.

    To say, I heard Ideo’s co-founder Tom Kelley recently speak on “The Art of Innovation” minimizes the gift of insight he shared, and over the next few blog posts I’ll paraphrase Tom’s presentation. But first doesn’t it strike you odd that a business speaker was sponsored by …

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    Insights into Collaboration

    ollaboration is simultaneously man’s greatest achievement and our biggest mystery. Our ability to collaborate, to build roads, economies, smart phones, space ships, friendships, villages, cities, companies or to build tomorrows cools new gadgets, are all possible because we are social creatures; we cooperate. And yes …

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