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  • Snow Balls 8 L

    Eight Nations of Innovation

    When does innovation become innovative? In a recent review, I stumbled across Rick Warren’s, talk from TEDxOrangeCoast. With innovation and discovery asking the right question is more important than the answer. He’s compiled a list of 8 questions everyone should ask. He calls them his …

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    Number One Thing to Know about Social Prestige

    What’s the first thing people do when they sit down in a meeting? Especially a meeting with people they don’t know — they size up the room. They look for clues as to who is the alpha male or alpha female.  We all intuitively try …

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  • IHC School Bus

    Most Important Thing About Social Networking

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Ning, Pinterist, MySpace, Google+, Meetup are just some of the most popular social networking sites. But, What is the most important thing to remember about Social Networking? Don’t over think the answer. Humans are social! To be social means we are connected. We cooperate …

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    Inescapable network of mutuality

    Social networks inescapably impact our lives. Even those Luddites yet to sign in to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, are impacted. With events from the Arab Spring still unfolding, the global “we” are realizing what great leaders have always known. As we enter the Connected Age, of people connected …

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  • EagleFlying


    Innovation is elusive. We see only what we can see. The adage “I’ll believe it when I see it” illuminates our deep skepticism for the unknown and unseen. But as Marcel Proust wrote: Truly innovation is “in having new eyes.”  But have you ever shared a new concept or idea with your boss …

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    Creative design with vuja de

    At Tom Kelley’s  recent talk, he gave us a preview of his upcoming book “Creative Design” – which should be done this fall. But as Tom said with tongue-in-cheek “Amazon promised it this fall, so I need to hurry up and finish.”  He went on …

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